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Ronstan 55mm Clockwise Auto and Manual Cheek Ratchet Block (RF56151)



Ronstan 55mm Single Auto/Manual Clockwise Cheek Ratchet Block with Shackle Head

Now you can enjoy the flexibility of setting up your ratchet blocks to suit yourself.

In the auto mode of the ratchet mechanism engages when load is applied, but switches off when it's released. This lets the sheet run out smoothly and freely-great for rapid easing of the sheet and for gybing asymmetric spinnakers.

In manual mode, the ratchet mechanism can be switched on or off as required. This is the preferred mainsheet set-up for may top sailors.

Try the block in both modes and see which you prefer - you really can't go wrong.

Sheave Ø: 55 mm

Max. Rope Ø: 10 mm

Max working load: 250 kg

Breaking load: 700 kg

Weight: 76 g


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