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Barton Size 4 Fiddle Block with Swivel, Becket and Cam (BA04631)



Barton Size 4 Plain Bearing Fiddle Block with Swivel, Becket and Cam Cleat

A strong, lightweight block for use on dayboats and cruising yachts. Ideal for mainsheet, vang, tackles, lead blocks or wherever a powerful and compact purchase tackle is required.

Fitted with Kevlar ‘K’ cams (unless otherwise stated). Cam arms are fully adjustable by moving the locking clevis pin to achieve the correct cleating angle. Used in conjunction with the relevant top block, this range of blocks is particularly useful for mainsheet, vang tackles or downhauls on dinghies, dayboats or light cruising yachts.

Sheave size: 58mm x 17mm (2 1/4 x 5/8")

Fiddle: 32/58mm x 17mm (1 1/14" / 2 1/4" x 5/8")

Max rope diameter: 12mm (7/16")

Safe working load: 630kg (1385lbs)

Breaking load: 1260kg (2770 lbs)

Length: 198mm

Weight: 372g


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